"I have heard nothing but positive feedback and we undoubtedly achieved our aims of getting across the purpose, values and vision, in the context of a very upbeat, motivational and fun occasion."
Iain Cornish
General Manager, Yorkshire Building Society

"I have probably seen hundreds of teambuilding events, building bridges with paperclips and all sorts of weird and wonderful things, but this particular experience went a lot deeper than that…. it worked really well, thank you very much to DrumZone
Russell Bennison
Training Manager, Morgan Cole Solicitors

"drumming got us into a different space, we are relating to each other differently and have gelled together as a team; the quality of what we learnt really helped when we returned to work.
Phil Streatfield
Supply Chain Director, Entertainment UK

"Thank you very much for the wonderful work you did at the conference. We had great feedback…"
Albert Zandvoort
Ashridge Business School

"an extremely simple, effective, and enjoyable way to get us to work together as a team and remind us of what teamwork really involves. "
Dr Matthew Thomas
Strategy Manager, BT

"a big thank you for the excellent drumming at our network conference, the whole group was very positive about the session you led and enjoyed being rhythmical together."
Peter Hawkins
Director, Bath Consultancy Group

"Thanks for a great morning, which set up our whole day. I have never seen a group of lawyers with so many smiling faces! Some of my line managers were sceptical about the value of the sessions but now everyone realises the very real value you brought in terms of teamwork and communication. A truly exhilarating and unique experience. What on earth will I do next year!"
Bleddyn Rees
Director Business Services, Morgan Cole Solicitors

"thank you for doing such a fantastic job, the band was amazing and the client was incredibly happy.
Claire Maudsley
Claire Jayne Associates

"Good for the team and definitely good for the way we do what we do.
Tom Collingridge
UK Sports Institute

"the event was a huge success.
Sue Boor
Marketing Manager, PPM Worldwide

"DrumZone bring an added dimension to teambuilding events, their professionalism, commitment and energy is impressive.
Rachel Dymond
Working in Harmony

"looked and sounded great; went down a storm with a very appreciative audience.
Vicky Klein
Music Live Coordinator, BBC



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